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5 Glaring signs you need a holiday

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Trying to persuade yourself or the other half to book a holiday? If you need help check out my top five reasons why you need one…

1. You need to destress, unwind and basically stop thinking about work for a week.

Life is so busy nowadays that we all need time to switch off…. Whether that means sitting by a pool or dancing the night away; you need to leave your worries behind you, let off some steam and have a good old fashioned break.

2. You are lacking all enthusiasm.

Be honest – how many times are you sighing per day? If it’s inching up, and now you moan and groan when anyone suggests doing anything other than sitting in a chair staring at a wall, it’s time to get yourself on Expedia and let your fingers do the walking!

3. You need to spend quality time with your partner and or kids.

‘Quality’ meaning actual fun time and not sitting down in front of the tv with your phone or iPad in your hand. You need to talk to your partner or family. Holidays are the best time to talk, there are no distractions and you can plan for the future or talk about experiences you have been having (good or bad) without the tv on, phone ringing or the office getting in the way!

4. Holidays are good for your body.

Research shows that most people exercise more on holidays than during a regular working week at home, This may just mean a swim at the pool or a stroll around the resort in the evenings but for most people this is longer than walking from the car to the office each day. Your body also needs vitamin D from the sun which, lets face it, is not in abundance right now in Auckland. So that occasional week in the sun (Dont forget to slip,slop,slap!) is very good for you. You come back refreshed, in better form, ready to take on the world and of course you generally look better too. A healthy tan, a good nights sleep, fresh air, laughter and relaxation, all things that holidays give you and lets face it, we could all do with more of that!

5. Travelling broadens your mind and can inspire you.

You may find that ideas come to you when on holiday or you may simply find you appreciate your own life more when you get back (some of my best ideas come to me when on holiday). You need to try new experiences, sample different foods, go on a jet ski or do something that you would not do back home. Remember you only have one life – SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR … GO LIVE IT!


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