• Leah Light

Apple Pay – The Future Is Now!!

Anyone that has ever met me or followed me on social media will know that I am completely obsessed with all things Apple! So you can only imagine my excitement when I was told Apple Pay had arrived in NZ!

I’ve heard a lot about Apple Pay and was waiting for the launch with bated breath. There are already tens of millions of users worldwide so I knew Apple was onto a good thing with this one, and like all other Apple products, I loved it before I even used it.

The idea behind it, is to make everyday purchases easier, sort of like using Paywave but now you don’t even need your card! Imagine not even needing to bring you wallet with you anymore when you pop down to the shops? The future is now!

Also – I can use either my new iPhone 7 (which as you all know, I just got my hands on and I LOVE beyond words), or my beloved Apple Watch. All you need to do is hold your phone on the machine with your finger on the Touch ID or double click the side button on your Apple Watch its LITERALLY that easy!

Apple also reckons that it’s a safer way to pay than using your card!!! something I wouldn’t have really thought of when paying with my phone – wouldn’t it be easier for someone to hack into your phone? Apparently when you purchase something, Apple Pay uses a device specific number and unique transaction code, so basically your card number is never stored on your device or on their servers and your card number is never shared with Apple merchants.

I’m so obsessed! My bank account doesn’t know what’s coming for it!

Literally my life !! #appleobsessed

Star Rating : ★★★★

L xx


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