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Apple watch series 3 review

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

You guys know I’m a huge Apple fan, so I’m going to try and offer a really unbiased review of the new Apple watch series 3.

Earlier this year I was looking at upgrading my Apple watch to an Apple watch 2 series or a fitness tracker – something to kick-start my journey and keep movement front of mind. Because, how easy is it to sit at your desk all day?

What I already loved about the watch: The syncing with my phone – you can either take a call or at least see it coming through if your phone is in the bottom of your bag, the maps feature is amazing for people who commute and also the activity tracker… it replaces the need for a step counter and tells you how you’re doing.

What’s great about the 3 series: There is a LTE version (meaning can use it without your phone nearby) and the other version which has GPS – so even if you don’t get the LTE version, it’s still great for working out.

The fitness improvements are big plus – the heart rate monitor is much improved, telling you more about your workout and it learns your active times and to be more reactive & supportive. Also – you can add friends to compete with them – it’s been a huge motivator for me as I see my friends steps creep up and it makes me do another lap around the house.

The battery life has increased dramatically. The screen is bright, Siri is faster & smarter – all things that help me on the go! And, depending on the retailer, in NZ the 3 series doesn’t appear to be that much more than the 2. Between $10-40 in most places I’ve seen.

What leaves me wanting more: Honestly, it’s the straps. I’d love a rose gold glitter, a gold and a geometric… one for every day would be great! So, in the meantime, I’ve ordered a pink strap & the new pride strap and will be keeping my eyes peeled in the hopes for some great designs in the future!


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