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Client Crush – Sharyn Casey

Welcome to our new feature – Client Crush, where we chat to some of our incredible clients and friends and find out what makes them so amazing at what they do!

We sat down with TV & Radio host Sharyn Casey. Sharyn hosted Xtra Factor after the X Factor NZ, Dancing With the Stars & does the afternoon show weekdays on The Edge!

We wanted to how she keeps up with the demands of such a busy schedule!

Q: You’ve gone from X-Factor into hosting Dancing with the Stars plus working on your Drive radio show & The Edge TV, what has been your secret weapon when it comes to keeping up your energy & enthusiasm?

A: I’m slowly learning how to say NO when I’m tired and need to rest my brain when everything gets a bit full on, Hanging out with friends, singing REALLY LOUD in my car and this year I’ve really got into exercise, I’ve been training with Coach Rhys and it’s made such a big difference, I feel alot better about myself and the exercise gives me more energy and helps me sleep better.

Q: What has been the funniest behind-the-scenes moment?

A: With Guy and Clint on the radio show there’s way too many, the conversations we’ve had off air are so inappropriate that I couldn’t write them on here!! haha – On air though, probably the time I meant to say COUNT and accidently said the C word on Dancing with the Stars …. It was funny after I stopped crying.

Q: You’re obviously obsessed with getting your nails done, What is your process when you choose your nail colours & designs?

A: I don’t have too much of a process as the girls at Leah Light Nails & Beauty will tell you, I’ll have a colour in mind then I only get shown the options in that colour otherwise I can’t make up my mind haha! My favourite is a really bright barbie pink and the Kylie Jenner green, not many people have tried the green so get amongst it, be brave!

Q: What has been your favourite nail design through the years?

A: My fave of all time was when Leah ordered in some amazing pop art decals for me and we did all my nails a different bright colour and put a different one on each nail, it looked awesome, I was interviewing Ariana Grande and she grabbed my hand cause she had to look at them all which made me feel pretty cool.

L xx

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