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For the record… falling in love with Vinyl again

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

There are very few things as romantic as sitting back with a vino and listening to the unmistakable sound of Fleetwood Mac, Elton John or the Eagles on vinyl.

I was at a friends house and fell head over heels in love with

her record player.

To our surprise, a couple of weeks later, her & her husband said they’d like to gift us one. This thing is so easy to use – it has all 3 speeds of vinyl, cd player, radio, Bluetooth (so I can hook up my Spotify too) AND a freaking tape player in the side. Whaaaaat… (This is not a sponsored post, but if you’re interested you can find one here).

So, I thought I’d share a couple of basics if you want to get into (or back into) collecting Vinyl, because it has bought so much joy to our house – especially on weekends.


There aren’t many tracks on a side – usually only about 5-6. This means you do have to flip the record. But wow, the sound is worth it.

They aren’t cheap. If you’re looking at buying from a retail store, they are $35-45 at entry level. However, this has caused me to up my bargain hunting game. See below…


If you’re in your early 30’s like me and your mum and dad were cool enough to keep theirs, you can raid their stash (I made my dad bring his across from Australia)

There is so much variety, you find yourself listening to artists you never would have before

Artists are now releasing albums on Vinyl again – I’m

waiting for Ed Sheeran’s new album “Divide” on pre-order! Record sales have shot up 53% since 2015 (see the Guardian article here)

You can find lots of bargains! Real Groovy in Auckland

have a whole basement, I’ve ordered from Trade me & eBay also. But the real treasures have been from second hand stores – I got Fred Daggs hits for $10!

There are some cool record storage options around! I found this gorgeous little cabinet on Trade me for $40. But check out the picture below and a tutorial on how to build a built-in record wall – great for storage of records & all your quirky things! Link here

Katy P x

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