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Meet Boston…

Boston is our 8 year old schnauzer fur baby, who until last year was part of our ratbag duo that was Coby & Boston.

Coby (Boston’s paternal brother) was the eldest of our two fur babies who devastatingly passed away last year due to prostate cancer.

Since becoming an only “fur child” Boston has fast become the centre of all attention round our house and as I’m sure you can imagine (if you are a doggie person) the dilemma of going away at Christmas suddenly became a real issue with the thought of Boston going to a kennel without his big brother!!

In steps our saviours… Pets & Pats! Finding out about these guys came in the form of a desperate plea online asking for recommendations for a kennel that was a cut above the rest. I very quickly noticed a pattern with the type of owners that were recommending Angela and her team – they all seemed to be like us “crazy (but lovely haha) fur parents who treat their dogs like REAL children” all wanting a more personalised care in smaller numbers focused on the happiness of our dogs.

One of the main selling points for us was that they maintain small numbers to ensure personalised care. I feel like Pets and Pats are kind of like those next level kennels seen in places like upstate New York where pampered pooches have the choice of living inside the main farmhouse like they do at home, swimming in the pool, or lounging in one of their many indoor dog lounges!! also there are NO cages !!! I hate the idea of Boston being in a cage.

Points that sold me ….

Daycare that runs Mon-Fri (perfect for busy families like ours)

Lodging for 8 VIP guests 7 days a week

Daily school buses to The estate located 15 mins north of the cbd. They pick up and drop off!!!

Small numbers & large spaces

NO cages … did I mention there are no cages!

NOTE: I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Angela and her team for taking such good care of our baby! I hope this review shows you how grateful we were and are! I can honestly say that anyone who’s pooch gets the opportunity to be part of your doggy daycare or lodgings is very lucky to do so!

Star Rating : ★★★★★

L xx

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