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High Flyer – The only way is up!

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Ok first of all, is there anyone out there that actually looks forward to flying? I have always dreaded it, there’s something about knowing you’re going to be squashed in a tiny chair and eating food that’s probably going to make you constipated, that invokes fear in most people. Maybe that’s why Air New Zealand is so good at making people feel like flying is the beginning of your holiday as soon as you walk on the plane!

As you know, I recently travelled to London (and Greece!) on my way to Nailympia – an amazing trip and an amazing destination, but by God I was not looking forward to that flight. You can imagine my excitement when the week before I left I ended up upgrading my flights to Business class Premier! So now instead of dreading the flight due to the fear of flying and awful travel sickness that I usually get, I had a whole new set of feelings as I checked in!!

And let me tell you – flying this was has ruined me for life!! There is absolutely no way I can ever imagine flying anything other than Air NZ business class premier ever again and that is not a joke people!! Geoff (my hubby better keep working HARD on his Elite airpoints status)

For those of you that may not have seen the business class seats before – you get your own private seat which is actually very cosy as you can set all your things up around you, settle in, and watch movie after movie or binge watch your favourite series. You don’t have anyone elbowing you, reclining their seat onto you, or climbing over you to get to the bathroom.

You also don’t have any of that, dare I say it, average economy class food (although I have to admit Air NZ economy class food is still pretty great!). However in Business class you are given a menu, a proper menu, co designed by the talented Chef Peter Gordon, with the most delicious options on it such as this incredible prawn starter.

Prawns, garlic bread and a cheeky glass of Pinot Noir!

I would never have believed it, but flying business class actually makes the 20 + hr journey so much shorter since you can sleep! I know, sleeping on a plane comfortably, it seems crazy right?! well… all it takes is to ask one of the incredibly attentive flight

attendants & they will come around and make your bed for you, then you can snuggle down and have a good rest before you wake up again to another delicious meal and a film or two.

Honestly, I kid you not when I say that I almost didn’t want to get off the plane. For people that travel regularly, hate travelling or just want a treat this really is the best way to travel because you will arrive more relaxed than I ever thought possible after a long haul flight.

Flying Air NZ has made me even more proud that people from all over the world will see this airline and know it represents kiwis – great service, friendly and always willing to go the extra mile for you!

Star Rating : ★★★★★ (Top Marks)

L xx

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