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Is your teen doing this ?!?!

Hi, guys, my name is Hannah Light I’m 15, well actually I’m 14 but what’s a couple of days amirite!!! If you couldn’t tell by now depending on when you are reading this I’m an Aries and was born on the 8th

of April, so feel free to send gifts (just kidding)! Before you read any further just a quick disclaimer – please be aware I have a serious case of sarcasm.

On a serious note, I will be doing a segment on behind the file which will include a couple of posts every month. Things you can expect to see from me will be recipes, monthly favorites, beauty and clothing raves and much much more.

Before I go today I will just leave you with a few interesting or fun facts you may or may not know about me…..

My dog Boston is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world!!

My two best friends are Emily and Tayla.

I’m obsessed with youtube!

I am very sarcastic!!

I love to make food and new recipes.

I love fashion & makeup.

I love dancing!

And lastly you probably you know already but my mum is Leah Light AKA ( best mom and the world ) and I’m only saying this because it’s her blog and she has to proof read what I’m writing

That’s all for now because I wouldn’t want to give too much away, so until next time have a great day/ week and I’ll see you next time

Hannah Light xo

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