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Natural Nail home care tips for summer

Some of you may remember that a few weeks back I was over in Australia working with the home foot care specialist brand Scholl, on the launch of their brand new electronic nail care system. Scholl has been taking care of our feet for 100 years now & I’m sure if you ask your mum or grandma they will tell you, that Scholl is one of the most recognisable foot home care brands in the world.

Well, the exciting news for all you home care nail aficionados is that Scholl has made their debut into the world of fingernails with the launch of their Electronic Nail Care System! This new system allows you to get natural looking, shiny nails effortlessly in three simple steps!

Check out below my top 5 tips to keeping your digits looking dapper this summer when you don’t have time to get into the salon!!

Leah’s natural nail care tips

1. Oil, Oil, Oil! Nail growth comes from the matrix of the nail and the matrix is hiding not far away from the cuticles so its super important that we look after them! I tell my clients to keep multiple bottles of oil – one at work, one at home as a visual reminder to apply oil a minimum of twice a day

2. Always carry a mini file for mini disasters. Ever had a wee accident and ended up with a chipped-nail? Deal to it straight away with a file to prevent further damage – you’ll thank yourself (and me) later

3. Don’t over-buff your nails or they will become thinned out and over-sensitive. As they say, treat your nails like jewels not tools! You could use the Scholl electronic nail care system once a week or every second week to keep your natural nails looking healthy with a natural shine without the risk of over buffing.

4. Never ever cut your cuticles! There are many soft cuticle pushers available on the market – using these in conjunction with a good nail oil like Scholl’s velvet smooth cuticle oil will prevent painful infections!

5. Try to make regular time to pamper yourself once a fortnight and care for your nails. Whether it’s when the kids have gone to bed or during your favourite show, it’s great to get into a habit of checking & caring for your nails.

How it works

Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System comes with 3 different heads for filing, buffing and shining both toenails and fingernails.

image credit :Londonbeautyqueen.com

How to use

Step 1: Put the file head on the nail pen, switch it on and choose speed from 2 speed options and file nails in your desired shape.

Step 2: Put on the buff head to even out imperfections and smoothen the nail surface. (no more than 15 seconds per nail, no more than once every two weeks)

Step 3: Put on the shine head and shine the nail surface in a circular motion. Apply light pressure for best results.

WIN ….

As a special treat for my lucky followers I have 1 Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System to give away …. to be in the draw comment below with your favourite summer nail care trick!!!

WIN ME : Winner drawn here Dec 8th 2015

L xx

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