• Leah Light

New Look Instagram !?!

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

If your Instagram grid is a carefully thought out work of art…. where every image is in color- and content-relation to the adjacent one, something you’ve spent years trying to perfect, the app’s latest tests may put you a little on edge. According to multiple posts on Twitter, Instagram may be preparing to switch to a four-across photo grid, rather than sticking with the beloved three-across grid that has existed since the app’s beginning!!

For influencers, celebs, and anyone who uses their Instagram to market their business or personal brand, I have a feeling this potential change will ruffle a few feathers ….

It isn’t unusual for Instagram to test new features with selected users before rolling them out to the public. This happened before the launch of slideshows earlier this year, and also in June with Favorites. (Favorites is still not available to everyone.)

What do you think about this potential new look and feel ??

Will it mess up your feed ??

L xx


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