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Osmosis Makeup "The healthy Choice?!"

As some of you may already know, I have been an eczema sufferer most of my life. After a breakout on my face and neck about eight months ago, I was forced to head to the immunologist to see what I could do to finally tackle the problem once and for all.

Obviously the first thing they did was go through the usual skin prick tests, food allergies etc etc but the one thing I was not expecting was the request to stop using all my makeup !!! WHAT …. I don’t think so !!! Gahhh I was mortified! Just the thought of it sent my head into a spin.

After a had a chance to calm down, I immediately thought of my client Kay. Kay is the NZ distributor of Osmosis Skin Care. For months she had been on at me saying I needed to try her makeup. She had explained that it contains amino acids, proteins, and complete spectrum of antioxidants. She has also been explaining how good it would be for me because it also contains zinc oxide renown for it’s soothing benefits. If ever there was a time for me to try a whole new regime it was now!!

I got on the phone to Osmosis the day after my visit to the immunologist, and have been trailing the whole range for the past 3 months! ( I don’t know if i can officially say I’m trailing it anymore given its basically the only makeup I use) lol

I have to say I am totally hooked & can’t actually imagine me using another foundation or concealer ever again !! Ive also been converted to mineral powder after years of hating it, its almost as though the osmosis mineral powder turns into a cream once it is set with their mineral hydration mist!!

For more information on the products and where you can find a stockist head over to Osmosis. I know you won’t regret giving the products a try, and when you do, make sure you head back to this post and leave me a comment on what products you have fallen in love with from their range.

Above is a little video I found on the Osmosis Youtube channel showing a simple camouflage and smokey eye tutorial using some of my favourite products from the makeup range!

NOTE: I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Kay for staying on my back with trying her products, They have been an amazing investment and my heart and skin thanks you!!

Star Rating : ★★★★★

L xx

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