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Summer Giveaway

The hot topic of when summer really starts in New Zealand is still up for debate but If you ask me, summer has still not quite hit us yet …..especially in Auckland!

Don’t you think it almost feels like there has been a two month shift ?! I’m sure as a kid summer used to arrive in December, but now feels more like it get’s here closer to February!!

Well lucky for us this means we have more summer bbq’s and amazing weekends of fun in the sun on their way *fingers crossed* Either way there is one important fact we still need to remember, being sun wise on even the most overcast of days is imperative to healthy skin and lucky for you I have a giveaway that just may help!!

The awesome team at Neutrogena have supplied some wonderful products for me to giveaway in celebration of the launch of BTF 🎉

All you need to do to enter is comment below with your favourite summer activity and thats it….. your in the draw!!

Prize pack contains ….

1 x Beach Defence SPF50 Sunscreen Spray

1 x HydroBoost Water Gel Moisturiser

1 x HydroBoost Night Concentrate

1 x HydroBoost Gel SPF15

1 x Hydro Boost®Serum

Winner announced here on the 8th Feb 2017

Congratulations to our Winner – Hannah Mills 🎉

L xx

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