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Teeth Whitening with a difference!

On Saturday, I had the most wonderful day with my lovely Mum Lorraine, for those that follow her on the old social media, she's also knows as loz dog... aka @lolly_beads

Our day included wonderful lunch at a new little place on the rooftop of the amazing new shopping centre in Newmarket called The Baverian, followd by a little pampering by the incredibly knowledgeable and super friendly Jay Jay at Lovely Smiles.

Lovely Smiles boast to have the world's best no-sensitivity & pain-free whitening, which also remineralises & strengthens the enamel, as it whitens your teeth. Formulated and made here in NZ!

In total honesty I can say, hand on heart it was one of my best teeth whitening experiences to date !!

I was so incredibly relieved that when Jay Jay said his formulation was pain free he was telling the truth!! I’ve experienced serious pain & major sensitivity in the past with professional whitening, but this time absolutely nothing! No sensitivity OR pain!! Not to mention that we got to do a wonderful meditation during the process that had us so relaxed we could have stayed in the massage chairs all day!

For anyone interested in getting their own teeth whitened JJ has offered the below deal to my lovely followers 🙌🏼


First time whitening usually $499 down to $299 but with code “LEAH” It's only $199 Instructions to use the code. 1. Go to www.lovelysmiles.co 2. Click the First Time teeth whitening currently on special for $299 3. Choose location AKL, WLG 4. Chose appointment time 5. Complete details 6. ENTER THE CODE IN THE MESSAGE BOX & NOT IN THE COUPON BOX. 7. Pay online $25 deposit 8. It will confirm to pay the balance $274 in clinic. Do not worry so long as the code is entered you will only pay the balance of $174 in clinic. Total saving of $300 (Note #6 above) We also have afterpay so you can pay the balance in clinic with that too, & why not swipe your AA rewards card and get 25c off a litre of petrol upto 50 litres.

L xx

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