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Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Once you’re done priming your closet for the coming Autumn months, you might want to turn that attention to your makeup bag. After all, the bright, poppy colors you’ve been rocking all summer long probably won’t mesh too well with all those deep, soulful colours and potentially cooler days ahead.

But if you’re at a loss as to what to add to your collection? Don’t panic!! Here is the scoop on the hottest, trending hues of the season, and there is at least one look here for everyone!

The Dark Berry Lip

This season, dark berry is the new pink and I’m all in when it comes to trading sweet & sassy for moody & mysterious! Below are a few of my top pics for your new statement pout!

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid – Possessed Plum. Bobbie Brown Luxe Lip – Plumb Brandy

Farmers NZ Smith & Caughey’s

The All Out Autumn Eye

This incredible all out Autumn eye comes courtesy of the talented Paulina Miau over on makeup geek … to re create a similar look try using my favourite Textured Shadows palette – Rose Gold Edition from Huda Beauty!!! (to die for) filled with all the perfect shades for this season! once the eye is complete try pairing it with the amazing powder brow duo from Curtis Collection! (my new favourite brow product)

Rose Gold Edition Huda Beauty Pallet Curtis Collection Brow Duo

Sephora NZLash Noir

All That Glitters

Obviously no beauty trend would be complete would be complete without something for the nails!! This season keep your eyes out for glitter… Glitter is a girls best friend this Autumn…. be it gold, rose gold or even dark burgundy, glitter will fix all your woes! Long medium or short nails? Have no fear glitter works for all, even for all you non glitter girls out there trust me when I say dont knock it till you try it, glitter can & will change your nail life!

Laura G Polish

Live Glam

Lecente Glitters

Leah Light Nails & Beauty

Leah xx

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