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You'll stop cutting corners after reading this post…

Ladies – we all love a bargain, but a shocking trend has surfaced and it’s time to shine a light on it… we might even save you from gluing your lips shut.

You know those sites where you can nab a bargain – Ali express and the sorts, well, here’s a revelation – if it looks too good to be true, it is.

Kylie cosmetics has been in the headlines lately. You can only buy her lipkits online or in store, but unknowing bargain hunters all around the world are being sucked in by budget counterfeits.

The latest reports show twitter users complaining of burning, gasoline listed in the ingredients and one user showing a video of her lips sticking together due to the high levels of glue in the formula.

It’s not only Kylie lipkits that are caught up in these chemical-filled black market products – Lime Crime, Jeffere Star & Urban decay are just a few that we found across Youtube.

Check out beauty blogger Maryam Hamptom below & her experience with Lip kits… buyer beware!



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